Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bye bye Cape Town, we'll miss you

Cape Town, we'll miss your mountains, and views, your hiking trails and nature reserves, but most of all we'll miss our dear friends! We make the big move next Monday- look out island life- here we come!

a pocket dress

Remember the pink dress I made for Jubilee? Well I added some pockets to it- inspired by Chrysanthemum's outfit with the seven pockets. (Chrysanthemum, by Kevin Henkes). Here is Jub hamming it up in her pocket dress!

day to night bag

Some of you probably saw the day and night bag I made for Jubilee featuring a sun and moon. (Tutorial from the archives of www.rhythmofthehome.com) Well, I decided to make one for Hope with one of her favorite things- birds! She loves to see birds- any birds- ducks, sea gulls, pigeons, geese, or humming birds! So, here is what I thought up!This says Good Morning, and has music notes, but it is hard to see in this pic
What do you know, she liked the birds!

easter egg snapshots