Monday, June 27, 2011

mud kitchen


happy kids!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

First sewing!

Jubilee used a sharp needle and thread for the first time! I put a length of ribbon on a an embroidery hoop, tied a knot in embroidery thread, threaded the needle and let her have at it. She sewed on some sequins, and wa la- a beautiful sparkly ribbon bookmark.We are using it in one of our favorite books- "A Little Girl After God's Own Heart"


The girls had their own way of cleaning up after kneading!

Bonnet for the Belle

Jubilee has been begging for a bonnet, so I sewed one up using the tutorial from I don't know where to buy interfacing here, so I used a piece of canvas instead.

Star Gazing

I have been wanting to paint a picture for the girls room for ages now. I wanted stars, and that is all I knew. I took a browse through etsy art labeled star to get inspired. Here is the result of my inspiration, which I am quite happy with.

a nature notebook

Today Jubilee and I made a nature notebook. First I cut a piece of cardboard(for the back) and a crown paper bag (front) to be a little bigger than a piece of paper folded in half. We grabbed a stack of paper and folded it in half, and poked holes about 1 inch apart. Then Jub sewed it up with a piece of yarn. Then we decorated the front Shapes cut out by me and glitter glued in place by J-

On our walk, Jubilee colored pictures of animals that she saw-
cow, and mama chicken with little chick!

Monday, June 20, 2011

On the Island

We've been on the island for just over 1 month now- it is crazy. Some days I feel delighted and amazed that I live on a tropical island. Some days I feel homesick and think, "What have we gotten into?" But for all the ups and downs- from beautiful beaches to a broken refrigerator, I can trust Father. I know this is the place He has for our little family, so it is the best place to be. Lately, I have been having to remind myself of that. I always feel a little homesick this time of the year- knowing that my birthday is coming up and all my family members will be getting together without me. I have cried more than once already about that.
When I have heard other people talk about culture shock before, I don't think I have really known what they meant. Let me tell you, I do now. It is no fun. And I'll tell you what has been keeping me sane- worshiping, and this one surprised me - memories from TMI. I am feeling more grateful all the time for how hard things were there- because I know I can make it through hard things and they will not stay this way forever.
So, a big thank you to Jesus and to TMI for preparing me for the hard things and helping me get through them.