Thursday, December 17, 2009

Who Needs Santa?

So it is the modern phenomenon and tradition to have your child’s picture taken with Santa in the mall. Well, Saturday we took Jubilee to the mall to get her picture take not with a man in a red suite, but someone even better- Snow White! Santa was there too, but Snow White definitely wins out!! One of the malls here has a Disney Magic area set up until the end of December. We colored pictures of Disney characters, played with play dough, made a treasure chest in Fairy Hollow, and met Snow White. The look on Jubilee’s face when it was time to meet the princess was the most excitement I have ever seen in her!! She was shy when we got up to the stage, but she gave Snow White a hug and later posed for a picture with her. Then we did some mall wandering; after that, they showed the new Tinker Bell movie on a huge projector. We only saw the second half of the movie, but Jubilee LOVED it. Thanks Disney Magic, you certainly gave one little girl a magical day.

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