Thursday, March 7, 2013

Motherhood and lessons from picture books

Robert McCloskey wrote some of the best children's books of all time I think, and the last time I read "Make Way for Ducklings" I was really struck by Mrs. Mallard.

After a long flight, she and Mr. Mallard chose a spot to next- "And only just in time, for now they were beginning to molt.  All their old wing feathers started to drop out, and they would not be able to fly until the new ones grew in."

Being a stay at home mom with little children is like voluntarily losing my flight feathers.  In this time of life, I am not out and and about all the time.  I can't run around town, making new friends and learning a new language.  I have given up the flying abilities of starting a big project to help women here, but one day my flight feathers will grow in again.  My little ducklings will grow, and we'll all go flying.

After the ducklings hatched, "It was a great responsibility taking care of so many ducklings, and it kept them very busy... 'Don't you worry,' said Mrs. Mallard, 'I know all about bringing up children.' and she did. She taught them how to swim and dive. She taught them to walk in line, to come when they called, and to keep a safe distance from bikes and scooters and other things with wheels."

I am so busy with my little ducklings.  I have so much to teach them, and they are learning so fast.  Life with little ones is busy, important, and a delightful season of life.  I am enjoying this season, not going far from my nest, just investing all that I can in my children.


  1. I don't think I've ever heard that story, but it does sound applicable for you right now. I am so glad you have the opportunity to be a stay-at-home grandchildren are lucky kids!!

  2. Perfect! And I most thoroughly understand! Amy Carmichael wrote about something like that in her book "Gold Cord". It was about an Indian proverb about the mothers feet being bound, as in, tied up with children :) that has encouraged me, because it definitely is valuable to the Lord for Him to allow it to be this way! Free to fly again someday, sounds good! And good to see the great value of our days now with the little ones too :) ahhhh, so encouraging!!!