Thursday, June 13, 2013

Cape Town part 2

Our time in Cape Town was so awesome.  We had a little over two weeks there, and we packed in a whole lot of catch up time with friends.  The community we were a part of there is so amazing, and we miss everyone terribly.  It was so wonderful to visit with everyone, and pray together. 

While we were there, we were also a part of a leader’s retreat.  It was so encouraging and challenging.  The speaker talked a lot about obeying God even when it looks risky.  He talked about being like Caleb, and trusting in God more than having fear of giants.  He told story after story about crazy, and sometimes terrible things that happened in his life, but how God’s kingdom came through those things.  It was beautiful and challenging.  To place value on the kingdom coming above the things we view as our rights.  I am not sure yet what things God might ask of me, so I am still waiting and asking.  

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