Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hope's Arrival

At about 3:00 in the morning on March 9th, I woke up with contractions! I was excited, but I went back to sleep. Got up at 7 and was still having them. We let the midwife know that things might be getting started and that we would keep her posted. Things continued on for a while, but then faded out. I continued in those early stages on and off all day, but thankfully they were not too intense, and I got lots of sleep.
The next morning at 3:30 I woke up again with contractions. By about 4 the pain had kicked it up a notch, so the midwife came on over. She checked me and I was 4 cm dilated and all was well. So, I spent time bouncing on an exercise ball, walking around, resting, getting massaged by Stephen or my mom. A little after 6, Jubilee woke up. She came to check on me and then went down stairs. My mom played with her for a while, and then Ad and Ro (our house mates) took over playing with her so that mom could be with me.
I took a nice hot bath around 7:30, but couldn’t stay in for very long as I started feeling a bit weak. I went back to our bedroom and laid down. At about 8:00 the midwife checked me again. I was fully dilated, so she called the other midwife to come join us. She told me I could push if I wanted to, so at 8:10, I pushed and my water broke. It happened to shoot out all over my midwife’s pants! Ha! Three more pushes and out came the head. One more push at 8:15 and Hope Carolynn Taylor had made her entrance into the world!
She weighed 3.39 kg or 7 pounds 7 oz. She was 55 cm or 21.6 inches long.
Hope and I got into a nice warm bath after the placenta was out. Then, Jubilee came to see her sister. Mom said she almost fell 3 times on the stairs because she was trying to come so quickly. The look of happiness on her face was so precious!!
Hope and I are both doing well, aside from a bit of colic. I am hoping that colic will phase out soon. Jubilee seems to be adjusting. Nap times are the hardest on her at the moment. Stephen is of course super husband and taking superb care of his girls.

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