Friday, April 23, 2010

What we've been up to

Hope is now six weeks old!! She has been a fairly fussy baby, but I’m getting to what she like and doesn’t like- she is making sure I do. She likes to be rocked a certain way, put into the sling a certain way, sleep with QUIET (a difficult task with a 2 year old in the house), she likes to be sung to and bounced a certain way. When she is wide awake, she wants to be in a position where she can make eye contact. She is a picky one! But of course super precious- Check her out, holding onto my necklace:

We made an expensive purchase (well, for us penny pinching types) that may seem frivolous to some, but it has been a life savor. We bought a Sleep Sheep by cloudb. We love it!! It is a little stuffed sheep that you select a soothing sound on- rain, stream, ocean, or whale songs. It has adjustable volume and a timer with two settings. What I love about it is that if I put the sleep sheep in the crib with Hope, she can sleep through a Jubilee tantrum or loud song. (Before, just a little giggle out of Jub would be enough to wake her).

Jubilee went through some rough days adjusting, but she seems to be getting back to herself now, which I am super thankful for. Hope is super responsive to Jubilee- smiles at the sound of her voice, etc. Hope is going to be Jubi’s little follower as soon as she is mobile!!

I’m trying to get used to not being able to do as much- newborns sure take a lot of energy (as do busy toddlers). During a several sessions of having a few minutes to myself, I sewed matching dresses for the girls from some ADORABLE fabric:

Well, this post has been a long time coming, but I fear that is all I have time to think of and type for today!

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