Friday, August 27, 2010

Hope's North American journey thus far

When we arrived in the States back in May, Hope was only two months old- oh how much has changed for her since then!!
At the time she was pretty colicky, and very sensitive to noises and other stimulation. I cut dairy out of my diet and within 2 weeks she was SO much happier! With the aid of our handy dandy sleep sheep or a fan, we whited out noise for her. She seems to be getting past the easily over stimulated stage- which is great!
In the abilities department, she went from laying there to rolling, to now- getting up on hands and knees and rocking. If we put her into a sitting position, she is quite stable. She even sat up from on her hands and knees yesterday! I am so proud. Her very favorite activity though, is chewing. She has been gnawing on things for a while now, but still has no teeth to show for it. (Which is okay with me!)
Her personality shines out more and more all the time. She is very giggly, especially if Jubilee is near. She is easy going and content, but busy busy busy! When she starts to crawl she will be into everything I'm sure! She is also enjoying North American luxuries like carpet to roll and almost crawl on....
exersaucers...and the jolly jumper!

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