Friday, September 3, 2010

Jub Jubs

The journey for Jubilee has been what I imagine taking a child on an all day hike up a very high mountain- both tiring and exciting, full of wonderful discoveries and challenges.

Poor Jubilee has had a 10 day cold once a month since we arrived in North America. The changes and transitions take there toll on her little body. It is also hard on her emotionally. She doesn't quite understand why we are never "home", and feels awfully unsettled. So, we have more tears than usual. These challenges have taught me a few things- Change is hard no matter how well you prepare and no matter how wonderful the place you are going to is. I can only do my best to help her transition easily, and comfort when it is not so easy.

On the other side are all the positives! These are to numerous to fit in one post, so for now, here are just a few big ones. Jubilee celebrated her third birthday!
Her world of imagination expands more everyday:

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