Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Welcome Ian!!

He's here! He's here!! (Warning, birth story to follow)

On Thursday night, I went in to be induced. 

Last pregnancy pic at 41 weeks and 2 days

Doc broke my water at 10:30, and then I spent the next 2 hours walking around.  My doctor was tied up with several emergencies, so they said I could go to sleep.  I slept til 2AM and then contractions started, but they stopped again at 3.
SO, at 4 Am they started me on Oxytocin, and things started happening quickly.  At 6:10 I hit transition, and at 6:29 I was holding my little Ian.
Ian Kerry Taylor weighed in at a hefty 8lbs 14oz, and was 21 inches long!!  For my non-North-American friends, that is 4035 grams and 54cm. 
We are loving this little boy to pieces and all doing very well!
Ian, we are glad you are here- and I'm glad we didn't have to wait any longer!!

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